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Docket Log

Docket: 12-CAI-01
Project Title: Complaint and Investigation Against CalCERTS, Inc.
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TN #Docketed DateDocument TitleExhibit #ToFrom
668688/20/2012 Email to Hearing Officer Paul Kramer Regarding the Agreement to Waive 30 Day Hearing Requirement

2 page(s)
 CEC/P.KramerStoel Rives LLP/J.McKinsey
662087/12/2012 Notice of Availability and Docketing of the Commission Decision

4 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Hearing Office
661927/12/2012 Commission Adoption Order of June 22nd Decision to Dismiss Pending Complaint and Investigation Against CalCERTS Inc.

26 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Hearing Office
659156/22/2012 All Parties Letter and Newly Revised Proof of Service List

5 page(s)
 All PartiesCEC/Hearing Office
659136/22/2012 Notice of Availability of the Committee's Proposed Decision and Full Commission Hearing

5 page(s)
 All PartiesCEC/Hearing Office
659126/22/2012 Proposed Decision with Prejudice the Pending Complaint and Investigation Proceedings Against CalCERTS, INC.

24 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/K.Douglas/ A. McAllister
656116/5/2012 Posthearing Brief from Complainants' Erik Hoover and Patrick Davis

34 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitComplainants/David Haddock Legal/D.Haddock
656106/5/2012 CALCERTS INC.'s Post Evidentiary Hearing Brief

17 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitRespondent/Downey Brand/J.Luckhardt
654775/29/2012 Public Comments by Tommy Young

16 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/J.Jennings
653455/18/2012 All Parties Letter

5 page(s)
 All PartiesCEC/J.Clay
653415/18/2012 Committee Meeting Notice and Agenda

7 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/J.Clay
652665/16/2012 Hearing Adviser Assignment

1 page(s)
 CEC/All CommissionersCEC/R.Weisenmiller
652535/10/2012 Larry N. Nelson Comments re CEC HERS Rater Investigation

3 page(s)
 CEC/J.JennningsLarry N. Nelson
651825/11/2012 George Nesbitt Comments

5 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitPublic/George Nesbitt
651735/10/2012 Public Comments from John Abel Regarding Compliant and Investigation Against CalCERTS Inc.

3 page(s)
651725/10/2012 Public Comments from Jim Mailto Regarding Complaint and Investigation Against CalCERTS, Inc.

2 page(s)
651715/10/2012 Public Rodney Woodard CalCERTS Comments

1 page(s)
 CEC/ J. JenningsPublic/ R. Woodard
651705/10/2012 John Smith Public Comments in the Matter of Complaint

2 page(s)
 CEC/ J. JenningsPublic/ J. Smith
651695/10/2012 Public Comments from HVAC Rater Regarding Complaint and Investigation Against CalCERTS, Inc

3 page(s)
 CEC/J.JenningsPublic/HVAC Rater
651675/4/2012 Respondent's Prehearing Conference Statement with Exhibits

1515 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitDowney Brand/ J. Luckhardt
651605/4/2012 Prehearing Conference Statement of Erik Hoover and Patrick Davis with Exhibits

1677 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitAttorney for Erik Hoover & Patrick Davis/D.Haddock
651285/8/2012 Downey Brand Amended Exhibit List and Additional Exhibits

10 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitRespondent's Counsel/Downey Brand/W. Honey
650855/4/2012 Complainants Prehearing Conference Statement and Exhibit List

15 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitComplaintant/D.Haddock
650194/30/2012 List of Commission Staff Subject Matter Experts

3 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/D.Beck
650024/27/2012 Notice of Possible Change in Committee Members

3 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Hearing Office
648674/20/2012 Committee Order Requiring CEC Staff to Identify the Commission Staff Most Knowledgeable about the Commission Home Energy Rating System and Requiring Participation of the Identified Staff at the May 11, 2012 Evidentiary Hearing

4 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Hearing Office
648654/20/2012 Notice of Pre Hearing Conference and Evidentiary Hearing

9 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Hearing Office
648554/20/2012 E-mail from Kourtney Vaccaro to John Flores

2 page(s)
 John FloresCEC/K.Vaccaro
647184/12/2012 E-mail Regarding Davis and Hoover Complaint Against CalCerts

1 page(s)
 CEC/ C. CrossValley Duct Testing/ J. Flores
644693/26/2012 Declaration of Michael Charles Bachand in Support of CalCERTS Answer to Patrick Davis and Erik Hoover's Complaint and Request for Investigation of CalCERTS, Inc.

695 page(s)
 CEC/Dockets UnitDowney Brand Attorneys LLP/K.Navarrot
644683/26/2012 Answer of CalCERT, Inc. to Complaint and Request for Investigation

113 page(s)
 CEC/Dockets UnitDowney Brand Attorneys LLP/L.Navarrot
641603/14/2012 Hearing Officer Assignment Memorandum

1 page(s)
 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/S.Harris
639633/5/2012 Order Regarding Service of Complaint and Schedule

70 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ C. Hong
638512/24/2012 Letter Regarding Complaint Against and Request for Investigation

1 page(s)
 David Haddock/ D. HaddockCEC/ D. Beck
637802/24/2012 Complaint Against and Request for Investigation of CalCERTS, Inc.

44 page(s)
 CEC/ D. BeckCalCERTS/ D. Haddock
637772/24/2012 Memo Requesting to Open New Docket

1 page(s)
 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/C.Holmes