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Docket: 09-IEP-01J
Project Title: 2009 IEPR - Natural Gas Supply, Demand, Price
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572576/21/2010CEC Staff Report - Natural Gas Infrastructure

48 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/S. Fosnaugh
552352/5/2010Comment from Berman Economics Regarding IEPR Update Workshop on Incremental Impacts of Energy Policy Initiatives

1 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitThe Berman Group/ R. Berman
520806/18/2009Powerpoint Presentation on CO2 Regulations, Renewables, Electricity, Oil, Load, & their Consequences for Gas

44 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitAltos Management Partners Inc./ D. Nesbitt
519116/10/2009Draft Staff Paper

57 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ Randy Roesser
518686/8/2009SDG&E Comments Regarding the Draft Staff Paper on Natural Gas Infrastructure

3 page(s)
 CEC/ R. TavaresSDG&E/ M. Murray
518596/5/2009Comments on May 14th Joint Committee Workshop on Natural Gas Activities & Staff Draft Report on Liquified Natural Gas Uncertainly Issues

118 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitEllison, Schneider & Harris LLP/ J. Harris
518556/5/2009Letter RE Natural Gas Activities

8 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitPG&E/ K. Treleven
518356/5/2009Comments by Sempra LNG on Committee Workshop Held May, 14 2009

6 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitSempra Energy/ Bill Tobin
517916/2/2009Joint Committee Workshop on Natural Gas Issues

6 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ J. Boyd & J. Byron
517696/1/2009Workshop Comments of Transwestern Pipeline Company, LLC

4 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitTranswestern Piperline Company/ G. Klatt
516065/18/2009Letter RE Natural Gas Activities

68 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitPacific Enviornment/ R. Cox
515655/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Projects Impacting Western Markets

22 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitTransCanada/ L. Ferron-Jones
515595/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on CEC Workshop Natural Gas Supply under Uncertainty

18 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitEl Paso Natural Gas Company EPNG South System Connectivity/ W. Tomlinson
515585/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Natural Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure

14 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitPG&E/ Petersen
515575/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Ruby Pipeline update

24 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitEl Paso Western Pipelines
515565/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on California Public Utilities Commission Regulation & Natural Gas Infrastructure

15 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCPUC Energy Division/ R. Myers
515555/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on CEC Joint Committee Workshop on Natural Gas Activities

21 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitSouth Coast Air Quality Management District/ M. Kay
515545/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Comments on the 2009 IEPR Workshop

24 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitSDGE/ S. Wilder
515525/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Environmental Impacts of Oil & Gas Production

18 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitNatural Resources Defense Council/ A. Mall
515515/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on The Marcellus Shale: Possibilities for furtureNorth American Natural Gas Production

16 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitDepartment of Geosciences/ T. Engelder
515415/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on North American Natural Gas Supply Assessment

18 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitNavigant Consulting/ G. Pickering
515395/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Natural Gas Infrastructure

17 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ B. Wood
515375/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on LNG Uncertainty Issues

12 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ R. Kennedy
515355/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Shale-Deposited Natural Gas: A Review of Potential

16 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ L. Brathwaite
515335/12/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Natural Gas Market in North America

22 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ R. Tavares
514665/7/2009Liquefied Natural Gas Uncertainty Issues - Draft Staff Paper

30 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ L. Esternon-Green
514655/7/2009Natural Gas Infrastructure - Draft Staff Paper

37 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ L. Esternon-Green
514645/7/2009Shale-Deposited Natural Gas: A Review of Potential - Draft Paper

34 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ L. Esternon-Green
513885/1/2009Notice of Joint Committee Workshop

70 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ J. Boyd & J. Byron
505703/18/2009Comments on Shell Energy on Gas Utility Core Procurement

36 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitLuce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP/ J. W. Leslie
505693/18/2009Letter Regarding Natural Gas Procurement by Utilities

20 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitPG&E/ W. Patry
505623/18/2009GDS Associates, Inc. & Empowered Energy Comments Re the Natural Gas Workshop

1 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitGDS Associates/ J. Lee
504673/11/2009Comments from Ray Welch

1 page(s)
 CEC/ D. ParrowNavigant Consulting/ R. Welch
504453/10/2009Draft Staff Paper

31 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ L. Wong
504433/10/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Core and Non-Core Procurement

12 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitDGS Natural Gas Service/ M. D. CLark
504413/10/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Comments for Utility Core Gas Procurement

11 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitSDGE/ H. Emmirch
504403/10/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Natural Gas Procurement for Residential Customers

8 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitElectricity Analysis Office/ L. Wong
504393/10/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Core Natural Gas Procurement

11 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitShell Energy North America
504383/10/2009Powerpoint Presentation on Natural Gas Procurement and Hedging

16 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitSMUD/ P. Taheri
504363/10/2009Natural Gas Procurement for Core and Noncore Customers Agenda

1 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ S. Korosec
502592/25/2009Notice of Joint IEPR & Electricity & Natural Gas Committees Workshop

3 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ J. Byron
4879910/28/2008Memo Updated IEPR Dockets and Distribution List

2 page(s)
 CEC/ StaffCEC/ J. Byron
468436/30/2008Memo - Updated and New IEPR Dockets and Distribution List

2 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ J. Byron
249010/1/2009Joint IPER & Electricity & Natural Gas Committee Workshop

219 page(s)
24335/29/2009Transcript of Natural Gas Supply Under Uncertainly Shale Gas, LNG & Pipelin

212 page(s)
24033/18/2009Transcript of March 2009 IEPR Workshop Re Natural Gas Procurement

150 page(s)