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Docket: 99-AFC-03C
Project Title: METCALF Energy Center Compliance
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211361-15/5/2016Steve Nelson comment on Metcalf PTA for VIS-10, visible plumes
Comment from Steve Nelson on the proposed Petition to Amend for the Metcalf Energy Center, 99-AFC-3C, with accompanying photograph of plume
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  Steve Nelson
211361-25/5/2016Steve Nelson photo of Metcalf plume of April 24, 2016
photograph of visible plume from Metcalf
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  Steve Nelson
2110144/12/2016Notice of Receipt
Petition to Amend The California Energy Commission Decision of the Metcalf Energy Center (99-AFC-03C)
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2108543/24/2016Petition to Amend No. 6 for Metcalf Energy Center
Petition to Amend (PTA) No. 6 (VIS-10) for the Metcalf Energy Center, 99-AFC-3C
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 CEC/Dockets UnitMetcalf Energy Center, LLC
20650911/4/2015Annual Compliance Report for Metcalf Energy Center 2014
COM-7 Annual Compliance Report (ACR) for Metcalf Energy Center (99-AFC-3C) for 2014
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 CEC/Eric VeerkampCalifornia Energy Commission
4321911/5/2007Follow-up Letter to recent email and phone conversations with FCC

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 Federal Communications CommissionRWG / T. Goga
421969/6/2007Notice to Reinstate Operation of Super AWOS - Blythe Energy Project
*** THIS DOCUMENT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOCKETED IN DOCKET NO. 99-AFC-8C. SEE TN 211011 *** Notice to Reinstate Operation of Super AWOS - Blythe Energy Project
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 City of Blythe / C. HullCEC / T. O'Brien
350637/25/2005S&W-1 Potable Water Use in Cooling Tower

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 CEC/Munro/Docket UnitCalpine/Petrin
349997/20/2005Request for Clarification Regarding Potable Water Use in Cooling Towers

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 Metcalf Energy Center/Petrin/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Munro
349977/20/2005S&W-1 Potable Water Use in Cooling Tower

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349967/20/2005Notice of Necessity to Meet Potable Water Use Requirements

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 Metcalf Energy Center/McCaffreyCEC/Munro
348317/5/2005Notice of Necessity to Meet Potable Water Use Requirements - S&W-1

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 Medcalf Energy Center/McCaffrey/DocketsCEC/Munro
340124/25/2005Order Approving a Petition to Modify Air Quaility Conditions

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339963/11/2005Staff response to coments re: Staff Analysis of proposed modifications to Air Quality Requirements and Conditions of Certification concerning commissioning startup, shutdowns, gas turbine tuning, and other changes.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/S. Munro
339124/12/2005Notice of Decision by the CEC

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 Ca Resources Agency/DocketsCEC/Munro
338813/15/2005Revised modeling analysis for 8-hour average CO emissions.

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 Dennis Jang,baaqmd/Cec/docket UnitSierra Research, Nancy Matthews
338803/9/2005Delta Energy Center Notices of Violation # A-45008 - 45011 Request for Additional Tuning Procedure Information.

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 Mr. Wee, Director/Bay Area Aqmd/cec/docket UnitCalpine/David Zeiger
338763/17/2005Comment re: Preliminary Decision to issue a modified authority to construct .

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 Dennis Jang Baaqmd/Cec/docket UnitCare/Michael Boyd
337933/30/2005Order Approving A Petition To Modify Air Quality Conditions.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC Cec
336623/9/2005Amendment to Air Compliance Conditions Additional Response to Data Request Items

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 CEC/Munro/docketsMetcalf Energy Center/Smolley
336613/9/2005MEC Comments on the Air Emissions Amendment

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336603/9/2005Source Test Plan - 2004 Initial Emission Compliance Tests and CEMS Rata

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 Baaqmd/DocketsAvogadro Group Llc
336593/9/2005Comments on Calpine's Amendment to Increase Startup Emission

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336583/9/2005Amendment to Air Compliance Conditions Revisions to CO Startup Modeling

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 CEC/Munro/docketsMetcalf Energy Center/Smolley
336573/9/2005CARE's Comments on Petition to Amend Air Quality Conditions and Request for Evidentiary Hearing - Verification

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335983/3/2005Bob Sarvey on Petition to Amend Air Quality Conditins Request For Evedentiary.

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 DocketsRobert Sarvey
335953/3/2005Data Collected from Temporary monitoring station located near the Martin Murphy School.

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 DocketsMetcalf Energy Center / M Smolley
335933/3/2005E-mail Regarding Concern: Amendment CalPine is trying to have passed.

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 Dockets/ S. MunroIssa Ajlouny
335903/2/2005CEC Permit Amendment to Increase Air Emission.

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 DocketsSanta Theresa Citizen Action Group / P. Michell
335883/2/2005Comments on Calpine's Amendment to increase startup emissions for Metcalf Energy Center.

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 DocketsSteven Nelson
335873/2/2005Metcalf./ CARE's Comments on the Petition to amend air quality conditions and request for evidentiary hearing.

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 DocketsCEC Cec
332992/10/2005Workshop Notice - Petition to Amend Air Quality Conditions of Certification (2/23/05)

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Johnson
332652/3/2005Amendments to Air Compliance Conditions Responses to Data Request Items #8 & #10.

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 S. Munro/DocketsMetcalf Energy Center
332632/3/2005Amendment to Air Compliance Conditions Additional Responses to Data Request Items.

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 DocketsMetcalf Energy Center
331371/18/2005Amendment to Air Compliance Conditions; Responses to Data Request.

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 Steve Munro/Cec/docket UnitMetcalf Energy Center, M. Smolley
331071/12/2005Air Quality by Joseph M. Loyer

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 CEC Cec DocketsS. Munro
3290612/8/2004Notice of Receipt; Petition to Amend.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/T. O'brien
3284912/1/2004Request for approval of Amendment #! to the Conditions of Certification.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCalpine
3264611/3/2004Delta Energy Center Condition of Certification Verification, PAL-6 Final Report on the Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Program - Confidential

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323309/13/2004Order Approving Transfer of Ownership to Metcalf Energy Center, LLC (Order No. 04-0908-01(b)).

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 CEC/DocketCEC/Chairman Keese
321148/17/2004Notice of Receipt; Request for Ownership Change.

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 CEC/DocketCEC/T. O'brien
320918/11/2004Petition for ownership change.

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313134/26/2004Delta Energy Center (DEC) Project (98-AFC-3C) Staff Analysis of Proposed Modifications to Air Quality Conditions of Certification.

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 Interested PartiesCEC/Scott
307261/13/2004Approval of Temporary Parking/Storage Area

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 CEC/DocketsCEC Cec
3056012/10/2003Milestone Schedule-Metcalf Energy Center

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 CEC/Stephen MunroCalpine/Michael A. Argentine
3055812/10/2003Notice of Approval of Requested Changes to Construction Milestones (99-AFC-3C)

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 Michael A. ArgentineCEC/Munro
3055712/10/2003Letter in Response to e-mail dated December 2, 2003, regarding Metcalf Energy Center Construction Milestones - 99-AFC-3C

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 Issa AjiounyCEC/Therkelsen
3050512/3/2003Objection to staff's determination that Metcalf Energy Center modification to Add Parking/Storage Area does not meet the criteria of Section 1769(a)(2).

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 DocketsThe Public/Garbett
3031411/4/2003Notice of Insignificant Project Change Modification of Project Description at Calpine Corporation's Metcalf Energy Center

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3026310/30/2003Notice of Insignificant Project Change-Modification of Project Description

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293497/22/2003Notice of Receipt -- METCALF Energy Center Project - - Request for Ownership Change

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 CEC/DocketsCEC/T. O'brien
293477/22/2003Petition For Ownership Change.

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 CEC/DocketsCalpine/R. Thomas
291967/11/2003Metcalf Energy Center - Petition for Ownership Change

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 DocketsEnergy Resources Conservation And Devel. Commissio
2708010/18/2002Moss Landing Notice of Receipt of Petition to Revise Condition of Certification Land-1 and Public Review of Staff Analysis

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 Interested Parties/Cec/docketsCEC/Stone
2704910/16/2002Notice of Significant Project Change Cooling Tower Modification

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266989/18/2002Revised Construction Milestones

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266089/5/2002Order Approving 1000-foot Recycled Water Pipeline Interconnection

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265618/29/2002Approval of Request for Option to Replace 10-Mile Long Recycled Water Pipeline with 1000-Foot Interconnection Pipeline

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketsCEC/Munro
263817/31/2002Response to Questions on Insignificant Project Change

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263807/31/2002Response to Comments on Insignificant Project Change

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263647/31/2002Response to Comments on Insignificant Project Change

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260216/25/2002Notice of Significant Project Change Recycled Water Line

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248913/12/2002Approval of Request to Add 14 Acres to the Site of the Metcalf Energy Center Project

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 Office Of Planning & Research/DocketsCEC/Munro
244902/6/2002Establishment of Post-Certification Mailing List

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242881/23/2002Change in Metcalf Energy Center, LLC Parent Company

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 Calpine Corp/Thomas/docketsCEC/Munro
242831/30/2002License Amendment #2

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 CEC/Munro/docketsCalpine/De Young
2368612/27/2001Change in Parent Company

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2368512/27/2001Approval of Request to Add 14 Acres to the Site

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 Calpine Corp/De Young/docketsCEC/Therkelsen
2315111/20/2001Approval of Construction Milestones

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 Calpine Corporation/Abreu/docketsCEC/Munro
2310211/15/2001Reply Brief of Commission Staff on the Metcalf Energy Center Application for Certification Petition for Reconsideration POS

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2310111/16/2001Reply Brief of Calpine Corporation to STCAG's Petition for Reconsideration POS

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 CEC/DocketsEllison, Schneider And Harris/Harris
2310011/16/2001Petition for Reconsideration POS

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 CEC/DocketsThe Public/Garbett
2307211/15/2001Reply Brief of Calpine Corportation to STCAG's Petition for Reconsideration

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 CEC/DocketsEllison, Schneider & Harris/Harris
2289910/31/2001Errata to Petition for Reconsideration of Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group, City of Morgan Hill, Great Oaks Water Company, Demand Clear Air and Californians for Renewable Energy

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2289811/1/2001William Garbett, Petitioner vs. California Energy Commission, Respondent Calpine Corp. et. al, Real Parties in Interest-Application for stay and petition for writ of mandate DENIED

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 CEC/DocketsSupreme Court Of California
2285410/24/2001Petition for Reconsideration of Santa Teresa Citizen Action Group, City of Morgan Hill, Great Oaks Water Company, Demand Clear Air and Californians for Renewable Energy POS

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 CEC/DocketsLaw Offices Of Steohen C. Volker/Hartman
2285310/26/2001Petition for Writ of Mandate Stay Requested POS

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 CEC/DocketsThe Public
2256010/3/2001Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the California Energy Commission and Willdan for Design Review, Plan Check, and Construction Inspection

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2255910/3/2001Signed CBO MOU

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