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Docket: 23-FDAS-01
Project Title: Pool Controls Rulemaking
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2500725/9/2023 Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) Comments - Supplemental Comment

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 Docket UnitPool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA)
2496144/11/2023 Presentation - Flexible Demand Appliance Standards Public Hearing - Pool Controls
Public Hearing - April 11, 2023 - Pool Controls
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2496104/11/2023 SkyCentrics comments on Fluidra comments

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 CEC/Docket UnitSkyCentrics
2496064/10/2023 Hayward Pool Products Comments - on Flexible Demand Appliance Standard

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 CEC/Andrew McAllisterHayward Pool Products
2496054/10/2023 FLUIDRA Comments - on Flexible Demand Appliance Standards

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2495844/10/2023 California Investor Owned Utilities Comments - Joint Comments Responding to FDAS for Pool Controls 45-Day Language

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 CEC/Corrine Fishman and Nicholaus StruvenCalifornia Investor Owned Utilities
2495824/10/2023 Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Comments

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 CEC/Andrew McAllisterPool & Hot Tub Alliance
2495494/5/2023 Clark W Gellings Comments - Related to Flexibility and Safety

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 CEC/Docket UnitClark W Gellings
2490663/8/2023 Updated Title

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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489242/23/2023 Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR) for Pool Controls
The proposed flexible demand standards for pool controls will require all pool controls to have a default schedule for the operation of pool equipment and internet connectivity to enhance flexible demand capabilities.
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489232/23/2023 Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA) for Pool Controls Regulation
A public hearing for the proposed regulatory changes to the flexible demand standards for pool controls will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489222/23/2023 Final Staff Report for Pool Controls
The final staff report for flexible demand standards for pool controls explains the reasoning for the updates to the existing regulation.
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489212/23/2023 Proposed Regulatory Language
Proposed regulatory language updating the existing regulation for flexible demand standards for pool controls.
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489202/23/2023 Economic Impact Statement
Economic Impact Statement Form STD 399
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2489092/22/2023 Memo to Open New Docket

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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission