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Docket: 02-AFC-04C
Project Title: Walnut Energy Center Project - Compliance
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22567110/31/2018 Compliance Docketing Policy

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 CEC/DocketsCalifornia Energy Commission
2005379/20/2013 California Energy Commission's Notice of Decision

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 California Resources AgencyCalifornia Energy Commission
2005369/20/2013 Order Approving Petition to Amend Soils and Water Condition of Certification to Allow for Additional Back-up of Water Supply

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  California Energy Commission
2001017/31/2013 Walnut Energy Center Authority's Comments on Staff Analysis

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 CEC/Joseph DouglasEllison, Schneider & Harris L.L.P.
714426/28/2013 Staff Analysis of Proposed Modifications to the Back-up Water Supply

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 Interested PartiesCEC/J.Douglas
652995/17/2012 Data Response 11 through 17

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 CEC/C.StoraTurlock Irrigation District/G.Davies
650325/2/2012 Staff's Data Requests 11 through 17

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 Strachan ConsultingCEC/C.Stora
635912/3/2012 Letter to CEC's Chris Marxen re Pending Amendment Request

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 CEC/C.MarxenEllison, Schneider & Harris LLP
6297711/23/2011 Compliance Condition of Certification Soil & Water-5

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 Turlock Irrigation District/ B. LaFolletteCEC/ C. Marxen
615447/25/2011 Applicant Data Responses 1-10 with Attachement DR-1

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 CEC/ C. StoraApplicant/ G. Davies
611916/23/2011 CEC Staff's Data Request #1-10

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 Susan StachanCEC/ C. Stora
596592/11/2011 Email from S.Strachan to C.Weaver Reguarding TID Well 5, 126 and 312 Information

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 CEC/C.WeaverStrachan Consulting/ S.Strachan
596551/21/2011 Back up Water Supply Amendment

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC
596492/10/2011 Notice of Receipt Petition to Ammend the CEC Decision

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ C. Marxen
572816/22/2010 Approval of Requested Modification to Construct a Micro Filter Feed Tank & Shade Structure

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 Turlock Irrigation District/G. DaviesCEC/A. Juarez-Garcia
570326/7/2010 Notice of Approval to Modify the Walnut Energy Center Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/M. Errecart
567625/19/2010 Applicant's Supplemental Request for Staff Approved Project Modification

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 CEC/A. Juarez-GarciaEllison, Schneider & Harris/J. Harris
561524/7/2010 Notice of Receipt, Petition to Amend the Energy Commission Decision for the Walnut Energy Project

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 CEC/Docket unitCEC/M. Errecart
558113/9/2010 Attorney's Request for Staff Approved Modification

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 CEC/A. Juarez-GarciaEllison, Schnieder & Harris/J. Harris
456813/19/2008 Notice of Insignificant Project Change

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ E. Allen
454592/26/2008 Request for staff Approval or, in the Alternative, Petition for Amendment - Replacement of Backwash Tank

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 CEC / L. ShawESH / J. Harris
369525/16/2006 Thankyou letter and comments Re: Staff Meeting on May 10, 2006 Re: CBO Audits for Walnut Energy Center.

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 CEC/R.JohnsonTID/R.C. Baysinger, P.E.
366223/22/2006 TID's Independent Safety & Security Audit Results.

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 Mr. Roger E. Johnson/CEC/Docket UnitTID/R. Basinger
365033/9/2006 Walnut Energy Center- Notice of Decision by the CEC

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 Docket Unit / CA. Resources AgencyCEC
364943/8/2006 Order Approving a Petition to Modify Air Quality Transcription Errors (Order No. 06-0301-03).

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/L. Shaw
364243/1/2006 Delegate CBO performance Audit Results and Follow - Up Walnut Energy Center Project

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 Turlock Irrigation District/R. BaysingerCEC/R. Johnson
363792/15/2006 Walnut Energy Center Project 02-AFC-4C Staff Analysis of Proposed Modifications to Amend Air Quality Condition of Certification AQ-71

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 Docket UnitCEC/ L. Shaw
363412/7/2006 Request to Amend Air Quality Condition of Certification AQ-71

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Loyer
363011/31/2006 Walnut Energy Center Authority, Walnut Energy Center: Conditions of Certification AQ-70 and 71: Proposed Revisions

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 CEC/L. ShawEllison, Schneider/J. Harris
362171/19/2006 Notice of Receipt Petition to Amend CEC's Decision for the Walnut Energy Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Johnson
361641/10/2006 Conditions of Certification AQ 70 & 71.

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 Lance Shaw/CEC/Docket UnitEllison, Schneider & Harris
3609012/14/2005 Order No. 05-0727-02 - Order Approving an Amendment Petition to Modify Bridge and Backup Water Supply

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Pfannenstiel
3563810/5/2005 Approval of Parts Storage and Backup Data Control Center

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 Walnut Energy Center Authority/Strachan/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Shaw
355049/16/2005 Public Records act Request (no. 1)

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 CEC/ Docket Unit /W. ChamberlainEllison, Schnieder & Harris L.L.P./ J. Harris
351758/4/2005 Notice of Decision.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Lance Shaw
351017/29/2005 Order Approving an Amendment; Petition to Modify Bridge and Backup Water Supply.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Commissioner Pfannenstiel
349037/14/2005 Notice of Receipt & Public Review of Staff Analysis: Additional Wells to Supply Bridge & Backup Water.

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 Interested Parties/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/L. Shaw
348106/30/2005 Response to "Application for Confidentiality" from Walnut Energy. POS

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 Jeffery Harris/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/F. De Leon
347996/29/2005 Notice of Decision by the CEC

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 CA Resources Agency/CEC/DocketsCEC/Shaw
347766/27/2005 Walnut- Order Approving a Petition To Modify Storage Of Hazardous.

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 Docket UnitCEC
346036/21/2005 Application for Confidentiality - Withdrawn - Vulnerability Assessment & Operations Security Plan

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 Ellison Schneider & Harris/Harris/CEC/DocketsCEC/De Leon
345576/8/2005 Walnut Energy Center Notice of Receipt of Petition to Modify Hazardous Materials Management-5 (Storage of Substance and Public Review of Staff Analysis

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 Interested Parties/CEC/DocketsCEC/Shaw
344745/31/2005 Amendment to Soil & Water-5: Walnut Energy Center Authority, Walnut Energy Center Submittal of Additional Information

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 CEC/Shaw/DocketsEllison, Schneider & Harris/Harris
344185/24/2005 Petition for Amendment: Walnut Energy Center; Condition of Certification Soil & Water-5.

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 Lance Shaw/CEC/Docket UnitEllison, Schneider & Harris LLP
342345/5/2005 Application for Confidential Designation

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 CEC/MatthewsEllison, Schneider & Harris/Harris
340164/21/2005 Petition for Amendment - Authority Walnut Energy Center - Condition of Certification HAZ-5

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 CEC/Shaw/DocketsEllison Schneider & Harris/Harris
335713/1/2005 Conditions of Certification Transmission Line Safety and Nuisance.

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 DocketsWalnut Energy Center Turlock
331961/25/2005 Notice of Decision by the California Energy Commission

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketsCEC/Shaq
331811/21/2005 Order Approving a petition to Modify Bridge & Construction Water Supply.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Chairman Keese
3301412/27/2004 Notice of Receipt of Petition to Revise Soils & Waters-5, and Public Review of Staff Analysis.

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 Interested Parties/Cec/docket UnitCEC/L. Shaw
3300812/27/2004 Walnut Energy Center Project (02-AFC-4C) Notice of receipt of petition to revise soils & Water-5 (bridge and construction water supply) and public review of staff analysis.

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 Interested PartiesCEC/Shaw
3299012/23/2004 WEC Well Owner Addresses and Map

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3294812/20/2004 Walnut Energy Center Authority Revision to WEC Amendment # 2

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 CEC/Shaw/docketsTurlock Irrigation District/Baysinger
3294712/20/2004 Review of Turlock Irrigation District Petition: Walnut Energy Center Amendment # 2 - Alternative Bridge Water Supply

7 page(s)
 CEC/White/docketsL. Bond
3291612/10/2004 WECA Amendment 2 and related documents - submittal of final report from Tim Durbin, Inc. Previous correspondence provided by Randy Baysinger & Susan Strachan, & Final Permit Condition Language.

85 page(s)
 CEC/L. Shaw/docket UnitTurlock Irrigation Dist/R. Baysinger
3290812/8/2004 WEC-Well Owner Addresses and map.

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 CEC/Docket UnitSusan Strachan
3290012/7/2004 1122004 e-mail message from L White, CEC, including the attached Record of Conversation and reply e-mail message dated 11404 regarding limitation in Soils and Water-5

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 CEC/Shaw/docketsEllison Schneider & Harris/Harris
3256910/20/2004 Walnut Energy Center Authority Revision to WEC Amendment @2

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 CEC/Shaw/docket UnitTurlock Irrigation District/Baysinger
323969/28/2004 Notice of Receipt Petition to Amend the Energy Commission Decision for the Walnut Energy Center Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/O'brien
323299/13/2004 Order Approving transfer of ownership to Walnut Energy Center Authority. (Order No. 04-0908-01(c))

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 CEC/DocketCEC/Chairman Keese
322489/3/2004 Amendment 2 - Petition to Amend Project Bridge Water Supply

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321358/19/2004 Notice of Receipt: Request for Ownership Change.

3 page(s)
 CEC/DocketCEC Cec
321288/18/2004 Petition for Minor Amendments

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 CEC/Tronaas/docketsScyamore Cogeneration Company
321278/18/2004 Petition for Ownership Change (Corrected Final Petition)

4 page(s)
 CEC/Shaw/docketsEllison Schneider & Harris/Harris
320628/6/2004 Corrected page for documents filed 8/6/04 "Change of Ownership Petition"

3 page(s)
 CEC/Shaw/docketsEllison Schneider & Harris/Harris
320618/6/2004 Petition For Ownership Change.

2 page(s)
 CEC/L. Shaw/docketWalnut Energy Center/Ellison, Schneider & Harris
320318/4/2004 Petition for Ownership Change

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 CEC/DocketsWalnut Energy Center/Weis
315855/25/2004 Establishment of Post-Certification Mailing List for the Walnut Energy Center Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Shaw