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Docket: 01-EP-06
Project Title: Calpine-King City Application for Certification
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332051/26/2005 Energy Commission approved the Application under those limitations presented as conditions contained in this DECISION.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC Cec
220428/21/2001 Staff Analysis of Calpine Corporation's Request to Extend the September 30, 2001 On-Line Date POS

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220418/9/2001 Notice of Commission Consideration of a Request by Calpine to Extend the Online Date Beyond the September 30, 2001 Deadline

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 DocketsCEC/Laurie, Pernell
220408/16/2001 Response to Calpine Corporation to the Notice of Commission Consideration of a Request by Calpine to Extend the Online Date Beyond the Sept. 30, 2001 Deadline

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 CEC/DocketsEllison, Schneider And Harris/Wheatland
220348/6/2001 Working diligently to bring on-line much needed power generation to California.

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220338/8/2001 KCEC revision of the projected COD from September 30,2001 to late November or early December 2001.

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 CEC/Glavian, Moore/docketsCalpine/Mcdonald/cec/karen V.
220328/8/2001 Calpine Request for Time Extension

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216677/26/2001 PDF Site Map Figure 2-1

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210806/22/2001 Item of the June 25, 2001 Business Meeting: Calpine King City Energy Center Project (01-EP-06C)-Amendment Petition for the Possible Approval to Move the Location of this Emergency Peaking Facility from the Site Originally Certified to an Adjacent Parcel.

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206816/8/2001 Amendment to King City Energy Center

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 CEC/Eller/docketFoster Wheeler Environmental Corporation/Sicuranza
206806/6/2001 fax-Land Use

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204285/23/2001 Notice of Exemption

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketCEC/Eller
203585/21/2001 Staff Assessment Errata

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202765/16/2001 Public Adviser's Status Reports 1st Trimester-2001

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201265/14/2001 Calpine peaker plant application letter of support

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 CEC/DocketsGilroy Economic Development Corporation/Lindsteadt
200515/4/2001 Energy Commission Adoption Order

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200045/2/2001 Second letter-Use Permit Application

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 CEC/BortonKing City/Breskin
199854/30/2001 Proposed Decision

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199845/1/2001 Use Permit Application (faxed copy)

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 CEC/Burton/docketsKing City Californian/Breskin
199554/26/2001 Calpine King City Hall Sign-In Sheet

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 DocketsKing City Council
199544/24/2001 Use Permit Application

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 CEC/Borton/docketsKing City/Breskin
199294/24/2001 Calpine King City LM6000 Project Staff Assessment for Emergency Permit

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 DocketsCEC Cec
199254/26/2001 Memorandum of Understanding Between the CEC and the City of King City for Decision Review, Plan Check, and Construction of the King City LC600 Project

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 DocketsCity Of King City/Van Etten/cec/therkelsen
199214/26/2001 Construction of Calpine-submittal of San Joaquin Kit Fox Form

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 CEC/EllerDept. Of Fish And Games/Floerke
198734/20/2001 Comments on Calpine King City Peaker Unit

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198724/20/2001 Comment on project

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198714/20/2001 San Joaquin Kit Fox Habitat Evaluation Form

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 DocketsFoster Brown Boston
198144/18/2001 E-Mail In Support Of

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198064/18/2001 Biological Resource supplemental information

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197944/18/2001 Comments on King City has virtually no potential to affect any unit of the State Park System

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197534/12/2001 Data Response

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 CEC/Eller/docketFoster Wheeler Environmental Corp./Doherty
197494/13/2001 Stack Height and FAA Notice

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 CEC/Eller/docketFoster Wheeler Environmental Corp./Doherty
197484/13/2001 King City Ammonia System Change

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 CEC/Eller/docketFoster Wheeler Environmental Corp./Sizuranza
196304/12/2001 Agency Distribution List

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196294/11/2001 Data Adequacy for Calpine-King City Project

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196284/11/2001 Notice of Receipt-Calpine King City

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196274/11/2001 Notice of Site Visit, Informational Hearing and Adoption Hearing w/Labels and POS

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196264/11/2001 Library Letters-Calpine King City

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196254/10/2001 Supple Info King City Application

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196244/5/2001 Application for Certification King City

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1501-04/25/2001 Hearing

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