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Docket: 99-AFC-04C
Project Title: Duke Energy North American's Moss Landing Power Plant Modernization Project (Compliance)
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2137109/19/2016Moss Landing Power Plant - Variable Speed Drive Notice of Determination 20160919
Notice of Determination - Petition to Amend the Moss Landing Power Plant Project
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2127388/11/2016Moss Landing Power Plant - Petition to Amend Elevation Drawings 20160811

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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
2126548/5/2016Notice of Receipt
Petition to Amend The California Energy Commission Decision for the Moss Landing Power Plant
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  California Energy Commission
2124447/25/2016Moss Landing Power Plant - Petition to Install Variable Speed Drive Controls on Four of Six Units 1 & 2 Circulating Water Pumps
Request for a Staff Approved Modification
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 CEC/Mary DyasDynegy Moss Landing, LLC
2100701/28/2016Condition of Certification LAND-2 Verification Change 12-18-2007
Condition of Certification LAND-2: Disposition of $250,000 Endowment Fund and Energy Commission Staff Approval of a Change to the Verification for LAN0-2
Compliance, Land Use
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 Mr. Lee Genz, DynegyCalifornia Energy Commission
20135412/2/2013Dynegy letter re Moss Landing & Morro Bay Power Plants
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 Governor BrownCalifornia Energy Commission
586869/30/2010Approval of Moss Landing Package Boiler Replacement

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 Dynergy Moss Landing/ G. HughesCEC/ D. Rundquist
584499/13/2010Notice of Receipt - Moss Landing Power Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/M. Errecart
573226/25/2010Responsible Official Change.

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 CEC/ Docket UnitDynegy/ D. Thompson
5438712/9/2009Letter Regarding Pilot Carbon Sequestration Project

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 Dynegy Moss Landing/ J. DodsonCEC/ D. Stone
527788/6/2009Responsible Official Change

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 CEC/ D. StoneDynery/ D. Thompson
4827410/1/2008Certified Mail Notification of Complaint Filed Request for Info.

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 CEC/ Siting UnitState of CA. Industrial Relations Division of Labor Standards Enforcement/ P. Edwards
477628/26/2008Moss Landing Power Plant Mitigation Funds: Approval of Proposal

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 Elkhorn Slough Foundation/ M. SilbersteinCEC/ Mellisa Jones
417968/6/2007Dynegy Moss Landing Power Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/J. Boyd
417818/2/2007Notice of Decision for Dynegy Moss Landing.

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 CRACEC/ C. Meyer
417708/1/2007August 1, 2007 Business Meeting Agenda Item 4: Dynegy Moss Landing Power Plant Project

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 CEC / H. KallemeynCalifornia American Water / T. Miller
417367/31/2007Dynegy Moss Landing Power Project Response to Public Comments on the Petition and Staff Analysis for the Addition of Small Pilot Desalination Project

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 CEC / CommissionersCEC / Terry O'Brien
416517/25/2007Addendum to Revised Findings for E-05-005 / A-3-MCO-06-384-California American Water Company

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 Coastal Commissioners & Interested PartiesCalifornia Coastal Commission/A. Dettmer
416037/20/2007Comments from Madeline Clark re: Addition of a Temporary Desalination Pilot Plant

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 CEC/ J. Pfannenstiel/ J. Boyd/ J. Geesman/ J. Byron/ A. RosenfeldElkhorn Slough Coalition/ M. Clark
416027/20/2007Petition to Allow the Addition of a Temporary Desalination Plant/ Entrainment and Water Sorce Results/ Technical Work Group Meeting, Thermal Report.

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 CEC/ D. StoneC. Nielson
412916/29/2007Moss Landing Power Plant Mitigation Funds: Approval of Proposal to Allocate $ 1,313,143 toward the Iniquez Property

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 Elkhorn Slough Foundation/ M. SilbersteinCEC/ B. Blevins
411376/25/2007Moss Landing Power Project- Notice of Receipt of Petition to allow the Addition of a Temporary Desalination Pilot Plant, and Staff Analysis for Public Review

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 Interested PartiesCEC/ D. Stone
401334/24/2007Post Certification Amendment & Changes for a CA American Water Temporary Desalination Pilot Program

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 Moss Landing PP/D. StoneDynegy/D. Thompson
400574/18/2007Certificate of Amendment - Name Change

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 CEC/Docket UnitDynegy Moss Landing/D. Thompson
400554/18/2007Notice of Name Change

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 CEC/D. StoneDynegy Moss Landing/D. Thompson
3833411/3/2006Notice of Receipt - Petition to Change Ownership.

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 Interested PartiesCEC/ R. Johnson
375808/4/2006Applicant's Notice of Name Change

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 CEC/ D. StoneR. Hickok- LS Power Generation, LLC/ K. Mitchell- Ellison, Schneider & Harris LLP
375718/7/2006Notice of name change.

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 Donna StoneRandall Hickok
338843/16/2005Notice of Decision: Filing of Notice of Decision in compliance with Public Resources.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Donna Stone
338823/16/2005Order Approving Transfer of Ownership to Duke Energy Moss Landing, LLC (Order No. 05-0216-01(e).

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Commissioner Rosenfeld
335142/23/2005Order Approving transfer of Ownership (Order No. 05-0216-01(e).

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/A. Rosenfeld
332191/28/2005Notice of Receipt - Petition to Change Ownership for Moss Landning

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3294612/17/2004Petition for Amendment Regarding Ownership

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 CEC/Docket UnitDuke Energy Moss Landing/Hickok
307961/29/2004Order Approving a Petition to Amend Startup and Tuning Emissions

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3065712/23/2003Staff Analysis of Proposed Project Modification: Request to Modify Air Emissions durin Startup and Tuning

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298889/12/2003Notice of Receipt - Petition to Amend the Energy Commission Decision for the Moss Landing Power Plant Project

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298249/8/2003In response to the staff's request, Duke Energy reformatted amendment to the Conditions of Certification for the Moss Landing Power Project. This reformatted submittal supplements the material Duke Energy submitted in May 2003, .

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 Stone/CecMc Crillis/Duke Energy
285834/22/2003Application for Confidential designation for Moss Landing - Cultural Resources

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 DocketsDuke Energy/Vigor
285724/24/2003Commission Order Approving Project Modification

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285714/24/2003Order Approving a Petition to Amend Shutdown Process Emissions

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285564/17/2003Notice of Decision by California Energy Commission

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketsCEC/Stone
281813/5/2003Staff Analysis of Proposed Project Modification: Request to Modity Air Emissions During Shutdown

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 Interested Parties/Cec/docketsCEC/Stone
278001/8/2003Notice of Receipt Petition to Amend the CEC Decision

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2746011/18/2002Commission Order Approving Condition Amendment

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2736611/12/2002Applicant's Petition to Amend Various Air Quality Conditions

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 CEC/DocketsCEC Cec
262797/22/2002Notice of Receipt Request to Amend the Energy Commission Decision Simple Cycle Flexible Quarterly Emission Limits

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2372512/31/2001Energy, Ocean Resources and Water Quality Divison Hearing Notice

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 DocketsCa Coastal Commission
2353912/11/2001Petition for Intervention-Von Jarosz POS

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2334312/6/2001Commission Adoption Order

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219388/16/2001Notice of Exemption-Addition of Condition of Certification to Ensure Coordinated Integration of New Generating Unit with California's Electricity Grid

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketsCEC/Bruins
191473/13/2001Notice of Exemption - Approval to Use Areas of National Refractories and Minerals, as Additional Laydown and Warehousing for Equipment

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 Office Of Planning & Research/CEC/Therkelsen
190993/9/2001Proposed Modification for Additional Lay-Down and Warehouse Space

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 CEC/Stone/docketsDuke Energy/Vigor
189932/27/2001Duke Energy/PG&E Moss Landing Power Plant Phase II: Final Soil and Groundwater Management Plan for the Cooling Water System Inlet and Outlet Features...Dated 12/22/00 (Plan) - POS

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 Dtsc/Ciriello/brown/cec/docketsCa. Regional Water Quality Control Board/Briggs
188402/23/2001Letter opposing power plant improvement

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 Ced/FayB. Buttle
180151/24/2001Establishment of Post-Certification Mail List (Attachment: Request Form)

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1680211/9/2000Notice of Insignificant Change - Map

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