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Docket: 85-AFC-01C
Project Title: Compliance - Watson Cogeneration Company AFC
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2339477/20/2020 Watson Cogeneratio - 2nd Quarter '20 Emissions Report

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 CEC/DocketsWatson Cogeneration Company
2328504/27/2020 Watson Cogeneration 2020Q1 Emissions Report

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 Anwar AliWatson Cogeneration Company
2320022/11/2020 2019 Q4 Emissions Report
Quarterly Emissions Report
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 CEC/Anwar AliWatson Cogeneration Company
23104412/10/2019 Annual Compliance Report 2018

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 CEC/Anwar AliWatson Cogen Company
2280325/1/2019 Air Quality Quarterly Emissions Report- First Quarter 2019

Air Quality
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 PublicWatson Cogen Company
2264231/31/2019 Quarterly Emission Report- Fourth Quarter of 2018
The report contains emission limits, daily fuel and ammonia usage, daily emissions, and emissions during start up mode.
Air Quality
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 CEC/Anwar AliWatson Cogen Company
22567310/31/2018 Compliance Docketing Policy

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 CEC/DocketsCalifornia Energy Commission
2022734/30/2014 Watson Cogeneration - Change in Ownership
Watson Cogeneration - Change in Ownership Letter
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 CEC / Mary DyasWatson Cogeneration Comapy
81902/25/1998 Memorandum of Understanding Between the California Energy Commission and the City of Carson Building and Safety Department for the Design Review, Plan Check and Construction Inspection of the ARCO/Watson Fifth Train Expansion Project.

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 CEC/Docket FileCEC/Therkelsen & City Of Carson/nehrenberg
78841/28/1998 Signed MOU between the California Energy Commission and the City of Carson Concerning CBO Responsibilities for the ARCO/Watson Fifth Train Construction.

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 City Of Carson Bldg. & Safety Dept./NehrenbergCEC/Munro
747811/18/1997 Monthly Compliance Report for November 1997.

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 CEC/MunroWatson Cogeneration Company/Kaveney Jr.
728610/17/1997 Order No. 97-0924-4: Order Approving Amendment for 45 Megawatt Fifth Train Expansion of Facility.

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 CEC/Docket FileCEC/Keese
40411/30/1997 Commission Order Re: Transfer of Partial Ownership to Carson Cogeneration Company.

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 CEC/Docket FileCEC/Rakow
385912/31/1996 Watson Cogeneration Company Requests to Amend the Commission Decision for the Arco/Watson Cogeneration Project. Attached is the Amendment Information Response Form.

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 CEC/Docket FileCEC/Wilson For Therkelsen
385512/24/1996 Submittal of Petition for Transfer of Ownership, ARCO/Watson Cogeneration Project

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 CEC/Docket FileWatson Cogeneration Co./Daniels