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Docket Log

Docket: 12-BSTD-06
Project Title: 2013 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals
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TN #Docketed DateDocument TitleExhibit #ToFrom
719649/9/2013 Gabel Associates' Comments on September 11th Business Meeting Agenda Items Three and Four

3 page(s)
 CEC/A.McAllister /K.DouglasGabel Associates, LLC/M.Gabel
711586/6/2013 Mike Gabel's Comment Letter re the June 12th Business Meeting, Agenda Items 10c and 10d

4 page(s)
 CEC/M.Brooks /M.ShirakhGabel Associates, LLC/M.Gabel
702124/4/2013 Kevin Brown's Comments re the 2013 Title 24 Non-Residential ACM Reference Manual

1 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitUniversity of California/K.Brown
6888912/14/2012 Comments - Residential ACM Reference Material - Zoned Air Conditioning, from Aniruddh Roy, ARI

58 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitAir Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)/ A. Roy
6887512/13/2012 Comments on Proposed CEC 2013 ACM

1 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitEWC Controls/John Brown
6885512/12/2012 ConSol's Comments on the Residential Manual

3 page(s)
6884012/11/2012 Gabel Associates, LLC Mike Gabel Additional Comments regarding ACM Manuals

1 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitGabel Associates, LLC/ M. Gabel
6870111/28/2012 Velux America, Inc.'s Comments related to the 2013 Residential Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manual

2 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitRoger LeBrun/Velus America, Inc.
6869111/26/2012 International Window Film Association's Comments Regarding Proposed Residential Manual Language

2 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitInternational Window Film Association
6868611/27/2012 Public M Gabel Comments Regarding the 2013 Nonresidential ACM Reference Manual

2 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitPublic/M Gabel
6866311/27/2012 Gary Farber of Farber Energy Design's Comments on 2013 Nonresidential ACM Reference Manual

4 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitFarber Energy Design/G.Farber
6864912/21/2012 Comments - Proposed Wall Assemblies, from Ms. Deborah J. Stanescu, ConSol

5 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitConSol/ D. Stanescu
6864511/21/2012 Comments - Proposed Manual Language Changes, from Mr. Michael G. Hodgson, ConSol

3 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitConSol/ M. Hodgson
6864011/21/2012 Proposed Residential Manual Language Changes, from Mr. Tom Kositzky, APA

3 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitAPA/ T. Kositzky
6860411/20/2012 Public - G Wirth - Public Comments Regarding 2013 Residential Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manual

2 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitPublic/G Wirth
6835811/5/2012 Memo to Open New Docket

1 page(s)
 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R.Yasny