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Docket: 09-IEP-01N
Project Title: Land Use Issues
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552412/5/2010Comment from Berman Economics Regarding IEPR Update Workshop on Incremental Impacts of Energy Policy Initiatives

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 CEC/Docket UnitThe Berman Group/R. Berman
533429/23/2009Department of Forestry & Fire Protection Comments on Aug 11th Workshop

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 CEC/ L. RilleraDepartment of Forestry & Fire Protection/ J. Melvin
531699/8/2009Urban Land Institute 2009 IEPR Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitUrban Land Institute/J. Andrew
531689/8/2009Private Sector Perspectives on Energy-Efficient Community Development Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitNECSA/ D. Newman
531679/8/2009Energy & Local Assistance Presentation by AICP

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 CEC/ Docket UnitAICP/ M. Rodriguez
531669/8/2009Creating a Sustainable Region for the Ground Up Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitSacramento County/ J. Robinson
531659/8/2009Supporting Clean Energy Opportunities in Agriculture Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitSan Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Org/ P. Johnson
531629/8/2009Climate, Energy & Local Assistance Presentation by Institue for Local Gov't

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 CEC/ Docket UnitInstitute for Local Government
531619/8/2009Local Solutions to Statewide Challenges Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitDept of Consercation/ L. Stetson
531609/8/2009Caltrans' Role in Climate Change & Sustainability Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCA Dept of Transportation/ J. Sollenberger
531599/8/2009Air Resources Board Presentation Regarding 2009 IEPR Staff Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitAir Resources Board/ D. Ito
531589/8/2009Housing Element Updates for Energy-Efficient Land Use Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCA Dept of Housing&Community Dev/ L. Weaton
531579/8/2009Cost-Effective GHG Reductions Presentation by Center for Clean Air Policy

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCCAP/ S. Winkelman
531559/8/2009Energy Planning & Local Government Assistance Presentation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ B. Pfanner
531539/8/2009Energy and Local Assistance: Issues and Opportunities Workshop Agenda

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC
529038/18/2009NECSC Comments & a Directly Related Policy Reference Guide

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 CEC/ Docket UnitNECSC/ L. Dobriansky
527128/3/2009Comments on Staf Workshop Energy and Land Use Issues and Opportunities

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 CEC/ Dockets UnitMOVE SD/ E. Lowe
523007/6/2009Notice of Staff Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Parrow
4880510/28/2008Memo Updated IEPR Dockets and Distribution List

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 CEC/ StaffCEC/ J. Byron
24748/26/2009Staff Workshop on Energy & Local Assistance - Issues & Opportunities

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