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Docket Log

Docket: 09-IEP-01M
Project Title: 2009 IEPR - Research and Development
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TN #Docketed DateDocument TitleExhibit #ToFrom
552382/5/2010 Comment from Berman Economics Regarding IEPR Update Workshop on Incremental Impacts of Energy Policy Initiatives

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 CEC/Docket UnitThe Berman Group/R. Berman
534699/30/2009 Powerpoint Presentation on Climate Change & Advanced Energy Generation

16 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ G. Franco
534689/30/2009 Powerpoint Presentation on Environmental Aspects of Advanced Generation in California

15 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitWater Use for Electricity Generation/ J. O'Hagan & J. Maulbetsch
534679/30/2009 Power Point Presentation- Carbon Capture abd Sequestration

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 CEC/ Docket UnitGlobal Security Principal Division
534669/30/2009 Power Point Presentation- Workshop Goals-2009 IEPR Staff Workshop on RD&D of Advanced Generation Technologies

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 CEC/ Docket UnitAvtar Bining Ph. D
534659/30/2009 2009 IEPR Staff Workshop on RD&D of Advanced Generation Technologies

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 CEC/ Docket UnitNavigant Consulting Inc.
534649/30/2009 Powerpoint Presentation on Regional Air Quality Impacts of Distributed Generation - Importance of CHP

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 CEC/ Docket UnitAdvanced Power & Energy Program/n J. Brouwer
534639/30/2009 Powerpoint Presentation on California Generation Portfolio

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Metz
534629/30/2009 Agenda for the RD&D of Advanced Generation Technologies Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Parrow
529268/24/2009 J. Brouwer Comments on Advanced Generation IEPR Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ J. Brouwer
528978/17/2009 Mark Miller Comments on the August 10th Workshop RE Advanced Generation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitFleming Jones Homestead/ M. Miller
528968/17/2009 The California Nuclear Green Farm Revised Comments

23 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitThe California Nuclear Green Farm/ E. Sayre
528948/17/2009 Climate Warning & California's Water Future

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 CEC/ Docket UnitDepartment of Agricultural & Resource Economics/Department of Civil & Enviormental Engineering
528938/17/2009 R. William Letter to Commissioner Byron RE August 10th Workshop

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 CEC/ J. ByronACRE/ R. Williams
528918/17/2009 Biological Information for Robert F. Williams

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Parrow
528228/11/2009 Public Comments from B. Johnson Regarding Energy Talk

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ B. Johnson
528158/10/2009 R. Williams Public Comments Regarding CEC Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ R. Williams
528148/10/2009 Small Nuclear Powe Plants of Advance Design Comment from E. Sayre

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ E. Sayre
527928/10/2009 C. Walters Comments Regarding Advance Generation Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ C. Walters
527918/10/2009 Comments of F. Brandt Regarding Advance Generation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ F. Brandt
526958/4/2009 Revised Draft Consultant Report on Pier Advanced Generation Roadmap-Background Paper

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Parrow
526698/3/2009 Notice of Staff Workshop on Advance Generation

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ D. Parrow
526147/29/2009 Public Comment to Advanced Generation Workshop

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 CEC/ Docket UnitPublic/ F. Brandt
4880210/28/2008 Memo Updated IEPR Dockets and Distribution List

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 CEC/ StaffCEC/J. Byron
2472-08/18/2009 Transcript of August 10th Staff Workshop on Research & Development of Advan

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