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Docket: 09-AFC-04C
Project Title: Oakley Genrating Station COMPLIANCE
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2114135/9/2016Petition for Project Modification- Support Tower Relocation
The requested modification is a minor change in the location of generator tie-line conductor support tower 2/21 and a corresponding minor modification to the generator tie-line alignment between tower 2/21 and tower 2/22. There are corresponding minor changes in the locations and shapes of the pull and work area sites that are located outside of the generator tie-line right-of-way and result in both deletions and additions of work areas. These changes result from minor refinements and additions to the generator tieline design and construction plan being finalized by PG&E. They are needed because the previously proposed location of the tower is no longer available for use.
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 California Energy CommissionCalifornia Energy Commission
6332010/6/2011Notice of Determination - Petition to Include Additional Laydown

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 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/C.Marxen
6263710/25/2011Staff Approved Project Modification Additional Laydown, Parking and Staging Area

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 Contra Costa Generating Station LLC/ G. LambergCEC/ C. Hoffman
622349/19/2011Notice of Determination - Petition to Modify

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ C. Hoffman
615327/26/2011Letter Regarding Start of Construction

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 Applicant/ G. LambergCEC/ C. Hoffman
611956/24/2011Limited Notice to Proceed Start of Construction

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 ApplicantCEC/ C. Hoffman
610456/9/2011Start of Construction Letter

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 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/C.Hoffman
608946/1/2011Limited Notice to Proceed Start of Construction

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 Contra Costa Generating Station LLCCEC/ C. Hoffman
598962/28/2011Memorandum of Understanding Between CEC and Contra Costa County Building Inspection Division for Building Inspection Services

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 CEC/ Docket unitCounty of Contra Costa/ J. Crapo CEC/ T. O'Brien