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Docket: 09-AFC-04C
Project Title: Oakley Genrating Station COMPLIANCE
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6332010/6/2011Notice of Determination - Petition to Include Additional Laydown

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 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/C.Marxen
6263710/25/2011Staff Approved Project Modification Additional Laydown, Parking and Staging Area

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 Contra Costa Generating Station LLC/ G. LambergCEC/ C. Hoffman
622349/19/2011Notice of Determination - Petition to Modify

6 page(s)
 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ C. Hoffman
615327/26/2011Letter Regarding Start of Construction

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 Applicant/ G. LambergCEC/ C. Hoffman
611956/24/2011Limited Notice to Proceed Start of Construction

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 ApplicantCEC/ C. Hoffman
610456/9/2011Start of Construction Letter

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 CEC/Dockets UnitCEC/C.Hoffman
608946/1/2011Limited Notice to Proceed Start of Construction

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 Contra Costa Generating Station LLCCEC/ C. Hoffman
598962/28/2011Memorandum of Understanding Between CEC and Contra Costa County Building Inspection Division for Building Inspection Services

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 CEC/ Docket unitCounty of Contra Costa/ J. Crapo CEC/ T. O'Brien