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Docket: 06-SPPE-01
Project Title: Niland Gas Turbine Plant
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388248/30/2006 Final Initial Study for the Niland Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/J. Caswell
3820110/18/2006 Commission Decision Mitigated Negative Declaration & Final Initial Study.

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 Docket UnitCEC/ Commissioners
3815810/13/2006 Notice of Decision- mitigated neg. declaration initial study

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 CEC/ Dockets UnitCEC/ J. Caswell
3813910/12/2006 Niland Gas Turbine Plant Commission Decision Mitigated Negative Declaration & Final Initial Study and Electronic POS.

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 Docket UnitJ. Pfannenstiel/ J. D. Boyd/ A. H. Rosenfeld/ J. L. Geesman/ CEC
379289/25/2006 Revised and Correct Niland Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Declaration for SPP.

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 CEC/ Dockets UnitCEC/ J. Caswell
379009/19/2006 Niland PMPD and P.O.S. with Final Initial Study.

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 CEC/ Dockets UnitCEC/ M. Read
378899/18/2006 Quechan Cultural Committee letter regarding Cultural Assess. for the Niland G.T.P.

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 CEC/ P. RichinsQuechan Indian Tribe/ B. Nash-Chrabasez
378549/12/2006 Application Prehearing Conference Statement in regards to app. for small power plant exemp. for Niland G.T.P.

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 CEC/ Docket UnitERCDC/ A. J. Thompson
378209/7/2006 Staff's Prehearing Conference Statement with POS.

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 Docket UnitCEC/ K. Willis/ C. Spears
378019/5/2006 Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for a small Power Plant Exemption by the CEC.

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 Imperial Irrigation DistrictCEC/ Dockets
378009/5/2006 Letter reguarding March 13, 2006, Imperial Irrigation District ( IID) Application.

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 Dolores Provencio, County ClerkEleen Allen for Roger E. Johnson
377988/31/2006 Notice of Availability Final Inital Study.

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 CEC/ DocketsRoger E. Johnson
377978/31/2006 Letter regarding the Final Initial Study

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 Agency Distribution ListCEC/ R. Johnson
377968/31/2006 Document Hadling for the FIS.

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 LibrariansCEC/ R. Johnson
377668/31/2006 Notice of Prehearing Conference & Evidentiary Hearing.

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 Interested PartiesCEC/ J. D. Boyd and J. D. Byron
377078/28/2006 Comment on General Plan Amendment

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitIID/URS/D. Hahn/R.Cabanilla
375938/3/2006 IID Data Request Response Waste Management - Doug Hahn URS

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Risk Sciences Assoc./A. GreenbergURS Corporation/Hahn
375898/8/2006 Record of Conversation with Blythe Energy Project's Gary E. Palo, Project Director

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitFPL Energy/G. Palo
375628/3/2006 IID Data Request Response Waste Management- Doug Hahn URS

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 J. Caswell & A. GreenbergURS Corporation / D. Hahn
375538/3/2006 Letter to M. Jackson RE: Proposed New Power Plant Near Niland, County of Imperial.

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 Quechan Tribe/M. JacksonCEC/P. C. Richins
375046/23/2006 Draft Initial Study - Staff Report

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 CEC/ Docket UnitJ. Caswell/ Siting Office
374637/20/2006 Memorandum RE Niland Gas Turbine Plant Project Status Report

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 J. Boyd and J. ByronJ. Caswell
374607/19/2006 IID Workshop Responses to Air Quality Discussion

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitURS Corporation/D. Hahn
374417/12/2006 Notice of Public Informational Hearing and Site Visit El Centro

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 Docket UnitCEC
373887/12/2006 Notice of the Public Informational hearing & Site Visit and POS

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 Docket UnitCEC/ J. D. Byron / J.D. Boyd
373767/12/2006 Niland Gas Turbine Plant Workshop

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitNiland
373277/11/2006 IID Supplemental Noise Analysis for the Niland Gas Turbine Plant Project

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitNiland/D. Diller
372046/27/2006 Document Handling for the Draft Initial Study for the IID Niland SPPE

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 Librarian/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
372036/27/2006 Notice of Availability for the Draft Initial Study for the IID Application for SPPE

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 Property Owners/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
372026/27/2006 Request for Agency Comments on the Draft Initial Study for the IID Application for SPPE

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 Agency Distribution List/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
371716/23/2006 Notice of Staff Workshop - July 12, 2006

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 Niland Mail Lists/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
371046/14/2006 Revised Traffic Analysis

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 CEC/J. Caswell/Docket UnitURS Corporation/D. Hahn
369915/23/2006 Applicant's Additional Response to Staff Data Request #13 Related to Noise

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 CEC/Docket UnitNiland
369905/23/2006 Biology Questions of Clarification

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 CEC/J. Reinhardt/Docket UnitURS Corporation/D. Hahn
369685/17/2006 Comments from Dept of Fish and Game on the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Niland Project.

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 CEC/J. ReinhardtDepartment of Fish and Game/K. Nicol
369675/18/2006 Re: Clarification of Data Responses

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 CEC/J. CaswellURS Corporation/D. Hahn
369425/16/2006 Record of Conversation - Supplemental Noise Information

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369355/15/2006 Transcript Niland Chamber of Commerce- 5-15-06

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 Docket UnitCA Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commision
369325/15/2006 Niland Gas Turbine Plant- Status Report # - issues identified-NOISE

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369255/11/2006 Report of Conversation Re: Niland Site Visit and Noise - Ambient Noise Survey

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 Docket Unit / VariousJ. Caswell / S. Baker / Various
369115/9/2006 E- Mail Re: Niland Power Plant Possible Significant Impacts on The Military Mission.

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 Docket Unit/AdamsNavair Ranges / Parisi
368845/3/2006 Niland First Round Data Responses Part II

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 Docket Unit/ J. CaswellImperial Irrigation District IID / D. Hahn
368755/2/2006 Report of Conversation: Clarification of Construction Traffic Route for the NGTP. (date 5/2/06 at 8:30 am) (telephone conversation)

11 page(s)
 CEC/J. CaswellURS/D. Hahn
368564/27/2006 Report of Conversation between James Adams, CEC and Dianne Koon, Grace Smith School; Re: Potential hazard for school children crossing SR-111 in Niland.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/James Adams
368504/26/2006 Data Responses for Cultural Resources Data Responses for cultural resources

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 CEC/Docket UnitIID Energy
368494/26/2006 Niland Fisrt Round Data Responses

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 CEC/Dockets UnitURS Corporation/IID Energy
368474/27/2006 Notice of Receipt letter dated 04/25/06

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 Senator D. DuchenyCEC/J. Desmond
368464/27/2006 Notice of Receipt letter dated 04/25/06

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 Assembly Member B. GarciaCEC/J. Desmond
368454/27/2006 Contact letters to Native Americans.

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 Native American Dist. List/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/P. Richins
368344/25/2006 Letter to the Board of Supervisors re: offering the Board of Supervisors the opportunity to participate in the CEC's review of the project.

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 Gary Wyatt/Dist 4 Supervisor/Imperial County/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/T. O'Brien
368204/24/2006 Issue Identification Report. POS

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 Commissioner Boyd & Chairman DesmondCEC/J. Caswell
367694/18/2006 Notice of Public Informational Hearing & Site Visit

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 CEC/Dockets unitCEC/J. Boyd and J. Desmond
367584/17/2006 Paleontology Resources Application for Confidentially Niland Gas Turbine Plant Project.

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 Docket UnitCEC
367574/17/2006 Cultural Resources Application for Confidentiality Niland Turbine Gas.

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 Docket UnitCEC
367444/14/2006 Hearing Officer Assignment - Niland Gas Turbine Plant

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367254/13/2006 Supplemental Data Request 29 to 36 for the Niland Gas Turbine Plant

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 Docket UnitCEC
366644/6/2006 Data Requests 1 to 28.

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 Mr. Henryk Oistowski/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/J. Caswell
366544/4/2006 Response the Energy Commissions' March 17, 2006 letter regarding "...identifying the conditions that would be placed on this project..."

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 Amanda Stennick/CEC/Docket UnitImperial County Planning & Development Serv/J. Heuberger
366533/29/2006 Commission Appointment of Committee.

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Vice Chair Pfannenstiel
366303/23/2006 Application for Authority to Construct Niland Gas-Turbine Plant.

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 CEC/Docket UnitIID/Niland Energy Project
366193/21/2006 Email memo regarding Military Training Routes(Attachments).

10 page(s)
 Jim Adams/CEC/Docket UnitAnothony Parisi
366183/20/2006 Paleontological Resource Technical Report March 2006

30 page(s)
 Docket UnitImperial Irrigation District
366173/20/2006 Cultural Resources Technical Report March 2006

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 DOcket UnitImperial Irrigation District
365433/16/2006 Replacement Compact Disc for Volume I of the Application.

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 Niland Gas Turbine Plant library'sCEC/R. Johnson
365423/16/2006 Replacement Compact Disc for Volume I of the Application.

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 Niland Gas Turbine Plant Agency'sCEC/R. Johnson
365393/15/2006 Agenda Item for the March 29, 2006 Business Meeting- Assignment of a Siting Committee.

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 CEC/B.B. BlevinsCEC/T. O'Brien
365353/15/2006 REVISED Volume I Cd's with figures.

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 CEC//Dockets UnitNiland/URS
365243/14/2006 Report of Conversation with Mr. Roy Buckner of the Imperial County Assessor's Office re: local property taxes and school impacts.

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 Docket UnitCEC/ B. Eller
365223/13/2006 Air Quality and Public Health Modeling Files Vol 1 and 2

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 Docket UnitB. Eller
365183/13/2006 Notice of Receipt of the AFC.

4 page(s)
 General Dist/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
365173/13/2006 Letter to agencies of the receipt of the AFC.

2 page(s)
 Agency Dist/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
365163/13/2006 Letter to libraries of receipt of AFC.

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 Librarian Dist list/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
365113/13/2006 Cover letter and check to cover Environmental Study Prep fees.

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 B. B. Blevins/CEC/Docket UnitIID Energy/J. Federowicz
365103/13/2006 Application for Certification (AFC) (1 volume= 479 pgs + 2 volume= 785 pgs)

1264 page(s)
 B. B. Blevins/CEC/Docket UnitIID Energy/J. Federowicz
365093/13/2006 Letter to Mr. Federowicz re: CEQA fees.

2 page(s)
 John Federowicz/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/R. Johnson
2093-05/15/2006 Application for Certification Colusa Generating Station PMPD

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