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Docket: 02-AFC-03C
Project Title: Pico Power-Compliance
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351998/10/2005Petition to Amen NOx Emission Limits during Comissioning and PM10 Emission Offsets.

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 Damon Beck/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/N. Tronaas
339504/19/2005Permit for Los Esteros

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 CEC/Docket UnitSanta Clara Valley Water District/Tippets/stephens
338304/5/2005Approval of Verification Change Bio 9

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 Pico Power Project/Ward/cec/docket UnitCEC/Tronaas
336893/23/2005Petition for Amendment #3. Description of Proposed Modifications to Air Quality Conditions. POS

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 CEC/Docket UnitGalati & Blek Llp/Pico Power Project
312674/16/2004Notice of Exemption by the CEC

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312364/14/2004Pico Power Project (02-AFC-3C), Approval of Petition to Add Construction Laydown Area (Montague Expressway and Lafayette St.)

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 Les Ward/Pico Power ProjectCEC/Tronaas
311733/30/2004Notice of Insignificant Project Change - -Addition of a Construction Laydown Area for the Natural Gas Pipeline.

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 CEC/DocketsCEC/T. O'brien
310773/9/2004Silicon Valley Power's Petition for Amendment to License for Additional Gas Pipeline Construction Laydown Area

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 DocketsGalati & Blek/Galati
308802/9/2004Approval of Petition to Add Construction Laydown Areas (Reed St. and Duane Ave.)

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 Les WardCEC/Tronaas
308792/9/2004Notice of Exemption by the California Energy Commission.

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 Office Of Planning & Research/California ResourcesCEC/Tronaas
307591/21/2004Notice of Insignificant Project Change Addition of Construction Laydown and Parking Areas for the Pico Power Project.

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 CEC/DocketsCEC Cec
3066412/30/2003Silicon Valley Power's Petition for Amendment to License for Additional Construction Laydown and Worker Parking Areas

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 CEC/DocketsGalati & Blek/Galati
3018210/17/2003Establishment of Post-Certification Mailing List

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 CEC CecCEC/Tronas