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Docket: 01-EP-08
Project Title: Calpine Gilroy Phase I LM6000 Project
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2306411/15/2001 Order Approving Extension of Online Date

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2306110/31/2001 Amendment provides for the construction of the natural gas pipeline reinforcement upstream of the project site including: cultural comment and water comments

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 CEC/Hurtley/docketsCastle Peak Engineering/Hetherington
226809/13/2001 Amendment to Gilroy City LM6000 Phase I Project

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 CEC/Eller/docketsEllison, Schneider And Harris/Harris
209736/19/2001 Final Determinationof Compliance

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 CEC/Eller/docketBay Area Air Quality Management District/Garvey
205305/25/2001 Final Decision

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204885/25/2001 Energy Commission Adoption Order

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Commissioners

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204315/23/2001 Notice of Exemption

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketCEC/Eller
203935/21/2001 Staff Assessment Errata

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203925/21/2001 Proposed Decision, Gilroy City LM 6000 Project by Calpine Corporation

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 CEC/Laurie/docketSanta Clara Valley Water District/Whitman
203725/21/2001 Staff Assessment Errata

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203635/18/2001 Sign In Sheet May 9th, 2001 meet City of Gilroy Senior Center

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 DocketCalpine Energy Facility
203605/21/2001 City of Gilroy Development Requirements for the Proposed Calpine Peaker Plant in Gilroy

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 CEC/Eller/docketCity Of Gilroy/Durkin
203595/21/2001 Proposed Decision

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202825/15/2001 Staff Assessment for Emergency Permit

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 DocketCEC Cec
202795/16/2001 Comments: water right permit, storm water permit for construction activities, storm water permit for industrial activities, NPDES permit or water discharge requirements

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 CEC/EllerState Water Resources Control Board/Innes
201885/14/2001 Comments

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 CEC CecT.h.e. P.u.b.l.i.c.
201325/14/2001 Gilroy Supplements

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 Team I/DocketsCEC/Eller
201315/14/2001 BAAQMD Application No. 2686

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 CEC/EllerBay Area Air Quality/Garvey
201305/14/2001 Fact Sheet

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201295/14/2001 Comments on the Gilroy Peaker Plant

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 Kautzman/DocketsUs Fish And Wilfdlife Service/Brown
201285/14/2001 Pipeline and Highway 152

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201275/14/2001 Letter of Strong Support and Recommendation for approval of expedited permit for the installation of Gilroy Peakers.

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 CEC/LaurieSilicon Valley Manufacturing Group/Guardino
201145/10/2001 Additional Info and a graphic to clarify tree removal

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201135/10/2001 Water Contact and Waterwaster Question

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201125/10/2001 Gilroy Supplements on the gas and transmission connections

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200465/8/2001 Emergency Permit for Gilroy City LM600 Phase 1 Project

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 CEC/Eller/docketsDept. Of Toxic Substances Control/Cook
200075/1/2001 Request for Agency Participation in the Review of Calpine Gilroy Emergency Permitting Proposal

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 Agency Distribution ListCEC/Therkelsen
200065/1/2001 Document Handling

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200055/1/2001 Notice of Receipt of the Emergency Permitting Proposal

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200035/2/2001 Data Adequacy

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200025/1/2001 Notice of Site Visit, Informational Hearing and Adoption Hearing on Proposed Power Plant POS

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199624/26/2001 Application for Certification

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1505-05/15/2001 Informational Hearing

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