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Docket: 01-EP-07
Project Title: Hanford Energy Park Peaker Project Emergency Permit Application 95MW
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2336056/22/2020 Executive Summary
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 CEC/Docket UnitCalifornia Energy Commission
709035/21/2013 Hanford Energy Park's Motion for Clarification Regarding Operational License

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 CEC/Docket UnitHanford Energy ParkLatham & Watkins LLP/M.Carroll
497761/20/2009 Handford Energy Park Amendment for Conversion to GWF Handford Combined-Cycle Power Plant Data Request, Roound 3

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 GWF Tracy LLC/ D. WheelerCEC/ M. Trask
4948412/22/2008 Handford Energy Park Peaker Amendment for Conversion to GWF Handford Combined Cycle Power Plant Data Request, Round 2

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 GWF Energy LLC/ D. WheelerCEC/ M. Trask
4830310/2/2008 Petition for Amendment to Hanford Energy Park Peaker Project

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 CEC/ R. YasnyGWF Energy LLC/ D. Wheeler
220318/1/2001 GWF Power System's Petition for Transfer of Ownership

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 CEC/DocketsGrattan And Galati/Grattan
214676/28/2001 Hanford Exhibits

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214666/23/2001 File and Exhibit List

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210855/25/2001 Energy Commission Adoption Order

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204305/23/2001 Notice of Exemption

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 Office Of Planning And Research/DocketCEC/Eller
202735/16/2001 Public Adviser's Status Reports 1st Trimester-2001

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201235/9/2001 Staff Assessment Errata

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200825/7/2001 Proposed Decision

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200485/7/2001 Hanford Energy Park Peaker Project Staff Assessment for Emergency Permit

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 DocketsCEC Cec
200475/8/2001 Endangered Species Conservation Requirements for the Proposed Hanford Energy Park Tower Project(faxed copy)

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 Gwf Power Systems/Wheeler/docketsUs Dept Of Fish And Games/Campbell
199835/1/2001 E-mail re:Amendment that would not require a full 21-day review process

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199704/27/2001 Supplemental B for the GWF Hanford Energy Park Peaker Emergency Siting Proposal

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199694/27/2001 Supplemental Materials for the WGF Hanford Energy Park Peaker Project Emergency Permitting Proposal

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 Agency DistributionCEC/Therkelsen
199614/27/2001 NOTICE OF DATE CHANGE

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199564/26/2001 Sign In Sheet

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 DocketsChula Vista
199494/26/2001 10 CD's Amended Filing to its Application

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199264/26/2001 Notice of Preliminary Decision-Authority to Construct Project Number C-1010451

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 Hanford L.p./Kehoe/docketsSan Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
199244/24/2001 Analysis-Division of Water Quality

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 CEC/EllerState Water Resources Control Board/Ladd
199204/24/2001 Analysis- from Division of Water Quality

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 CEC/EllerState Water Resources Control Board/Ladd
198894/24/2001 GWF Power Systems Company Inc.

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198884/23/2001 Peaker Unit at GWF Inc. Hanford

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198874/24/2001 Separate Evaluations of DTSC's to main programs, Hazardous Waste Management Program and Site Mitigation

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 CEC/Eller/docketsDept. Of Toxic Substances Control/Hickox
197524/12/2001 Supplemental to Application for Construction

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 CEC/Larson/docketUrs Corp./Stein
197514/9/2001 Submittal of Application for Hanford Energy Peaker Project

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 CEC/Larson/docketUrs Corp/Stein
197504/12/2001 Ground Water at Hanford Energy Peaker Plant

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 CEC/Eller/docketUrs Corp./Stein
197464/13/2001 Data Adequacy

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 CEC/Keese, Moore, Laurie, Pernell, Rosenfield/dockCEC/Larson
197454/12/2001 Document Handling

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197444/12/2001 Agency Distribution List

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197434/13/2001 Notice of Site Visit, Informational Hearing, and Adoption Hearing on Proposed Power Plant POS

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1500-04/25/2001 Information Hearing

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