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Docket: 01-EP-05
Project Title: Alliance Drews Certification Application Report for Four 10.5MW Simple Cycle Turbines
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220368/10/2001Commission Order Approving Ownership Transfer

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220358/10/2001Petitions for Change in Ownership and Operational Control by Alliance Colton

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 CEC/Meyer/docketsPak, Jeffer, Mangels Butler And Marmaro/Pak
216197/25/2001Petition for Change in Ownership and Operational Control

20 page(s)
 CEC/DocketsJeffer, Mangels, Butler And Marmaro/Pak
204265/23/2001Notice of Exemption

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 Office Of Planning Research/DocketCEC/Kennedy

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202775/16/2001Public Adviser's Status Reports 1st Trimester-2001

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200805/9/2001Start of Construction

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 Alliance Power/O'neillCEC/Meyer
200505/4/2001Energy Commission Adoption Order

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199284/26/2001Application Completed April 6, 2001

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199234/24/2001Staff Comments on the Proposed Decision for the Alliance Drews Project

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198914/24/2001Proposed Decision

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198754/18/2001Sing-In Sheet Colton City Hall, Colton, CA

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 CEC/MendoncaPacific Gateway Grp./Doug
198704/20/2001Alliance Colton Drews Substation Project Staff Assessment for Emergency Permit

114 page(s)
 DockesCEC Cec
198084/18/2001Comments on the Application for Certification -Drews

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 CEC/Kennedy/docketDept. Of Toxic Substances Control/Kou
197424/6/2001Notice Receipt of the Emergency Permitting Proposal for the Drews Substation

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196234/10/2001Notice of Site Visit,Informational Hearing and Adoption Hearing

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196224/6/2001Data Adequacy for the Alliance Drews Project

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 CEC/Keese,moore,laurie,pernell, Rosenfield/docketsCEC/Larson
196214/9/2001Proof of Publication

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 DocketsDesert Sun Publishing Co.
196204/5/2001Supple Info-Faxed copy

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 CEC/Harper/docketsColton City Mgr/Garcia
196194/5/2001Rules and Regulations

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 Alliance Colton/O'neill/docketsCEC/Johnson
196184/6/2001Agency Distribution List

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196174/6/2001Library Letter/Public Letter-Drew

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196154/5/2001Supple Info

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 CEC/Kennedy/docketsAlliance Power/Olson
196134/12/2001United States Fish and Wildlife Service Application

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 Us Fish And Game Wildlife/Woulfe,newman/docketsSo. Calif. Gas/Romero
195824/2/2001SCAQMD Notice of Intent to Issue Permit-Drews

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 DocketsSouth Coast Air Quality Mgmt. Dist.
195813/30/2001Supplemental Information Addendum-Drew

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 CEC/DocketsAlliance Colton-drew/Moreau
195803/27/2001Public Letters-Doc Handling for Alliance Colton Century(01-EP-4) and Alliance Colton Drew(01-EP-5) Emergency Permitting Proposals

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195793/27/2001Agency Distribution Letter

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195783/16/2001Drews Substation Emergency Permitting Application

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 CEC/DocketsAlliance Power Inc