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Docket: 01-AFC-23
Project Title: Los Banos Votage Support Facility - 80 MW Peaking Power Plant, Merced County - Cummins West, Inc.
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316085/28/2004 Order to Terminate AFC Proceedings

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Keese
313344/29/2004 Letter Withdrawing the Los Banos AFC and closing the Docket

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 CEC/Therkesen/docketCummins West/Bleeker
256465/17/2002 Letter Suspending the Application of Certification for the Los Banos Voltage Support Facility until Further Notice

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 CEC/Larson/docketsCummins West Inc./Bleeker
246682/21/2002 Review of Application for Certification

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 CEC/Bartridge/docketsUs Dept Of Fish And Game/Lourdermilk
244092/5/2002 Cummins West Inc.-Los Banos Support Facility Project Number 1011769 Response to Notice of Incomplete Application

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243091/24/2002 Comments

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 CEC/Bartridge/docketsDept Of Toxic Substances Control/Hume
242031/24/2002 Los Banos Facility Progress Report

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 Consumer Power & Conservation Financing Auth/Doll/Cummins West Inc./Shanahan
239141/9/2002 Monthly Project Status Report of Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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 California Public Utilities Commission/Docket/cec/Pacific Gas And Electric/Kraska
2371612/28/2001 Data Adequacy Recommendation for Los Banos

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 CEC DocketsCEC/Larson
2355912/19/2001 Wish to change the submittal date of its application for certification from Nov. 21, 2001 to Nov.26,2001

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 CEC/Larson/docketsCummins West/Bleeker
2350812/13/2001 Supplemental Information

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2350712/18/2001 Review of Energy Power Plant Applications of Certification

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 Dept Of Toxic Substances Control/Tjosvold/cec/dockDept. Of Toxic Substances Control/Moskat
2322311/26/2001 Agency Information Letter

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2322211/26/2001 Notice of Receipt Application for Certification for Los Banos Voltage Support Facility

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2318811/26/2001 Document Handling

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2318511/26/2001 Request for Agency Participation in the Review of Los Banos Voltage Support Facility

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 Agency Distribution/DocketsCEC/Richins
2313911/21/2001 Application for Confidential Designation Cultural and Paleontological Resources

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 CEC/Larson/docketsCummins West Inc./Bleeker