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Docket: 01-AFC-09
Project Title: Calpine Gilroy Energy Center Phase II LM6000 Project Gilroy, CA
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3398212/18/2001 PM10 impacts from the Gilroy Energy Center project are not significant

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2838410/16/2001 Comments on Groundwater Impact Evaluation

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 Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp/Burnell/cec/dockSanta Clara Valley Water District/Nam
283839/10/2001 Follow-up letter re: recent telephone conversation re: outstanding air quality-related data adequacy issues

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 CEC/Loyer/docketsSierra Research/Matthews
283828/7/2001 Respone to letter of 6/28 Soliciting Public Agency Comments on Calpine

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 CEC/Fromm/docketsSouth County Regional Wastewater Authority/Baska
2689310/4/2002 Letter of Withdrawal

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 CEC/O'brien/docketsEllison, Schneider And Harris/Harris
245222/15/2002 Request for Delay of Review

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2351412/18/2001 Re; data adequacy responses, applicant believes that the PM10 impacts are not significant and therefore do not require mitigation under CEQA

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 CEC/Loyer/docketsSierra Research/Rubenstein
2347512/17/2001 Groundwater Supply Evaluation Report

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 CEC/Kennedy/docketsFoster Wheeler Environmental Corp/Burnell
2341412/11/2001 PM10 Mitigation

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 CEC/Loyer/docketsSierra Research/Rubenstein
2309511/9/2001 Report of conversation Sandra Fromm and Buck Jones, PG&E, Calpine, Foster Wheeler

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2306010/31/2001 Amendment for the construction of the natural gas pipeline reinforcement upstream includes: cultural comments and water comments

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 CEC/Huntley/docketsCastle Peak Engineering/Hetherington
223109/10/2001 Response to Santa Clara Valley Water District Comments

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 Santa Clara Valley Water District/Jaimes/cec/dockeFoster Wheeler Environmental Corporation/Burnell
222769/13/2001 Amendment to Gilroy City LM6000 Phase I Project

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 CEC/Eller/docketsEllison, Schneider & Harris/Harris
222669/10/2001 Notice of Preliminary Decision - Authorities to Construct

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 CEC/Fromm/docketsSan Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control Dist/Sadr
222509/10/2001 Report of Conversation with Jennifer Bitting, CCRWQCB regarding NPDES permit info for Gilroy Co-Gen

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222499/10/2001 Follow-up on telephone conversations regarding outstanding air quality-related data adequacy issues

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 CEC/Loyer/docketsSierra Research/Matthews
222489/10/2001 Notice of Intent Site Map

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 CEC/DocketsGilroy Energy Company
222289/10/2001 Letter requesting supplemental material to correct the data adequacy deficiencies and information on the gas-line and the transmission system upgrades

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 Calpine Corp/Bertacchi/docketsCEC/Richins
219148/20/2001 Comments on the Groundwater Impact Evaluation Proposed Scope of Work

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 Foster Wheeler Environmental/Burnell/cec/docketsSanta Clara Valley Water District/Jaimes
219068/20/2001 Response to request soliciting District support for the use of groundwater

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 Calpine/Sampson/docketsSanta Clara Valley Water District/Jaimes
217608/7/2001 Public Agency Comment on Phase II

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 CEC/Fromm/docketsSouth County Regional Wastewater Authority/Durkin
216277/24/2001 Letter stating encroachment permit is required and Traffic Control Plan

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 CEC/RichinsCounty Of Santa Clara/Quach
216247/24/2001 District requesting that Phase I comments be considered as part of the CEC review and approval process for the project.

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 CEC/Fromm/docketsSanta Clara Valley Water District/Jaimes
214007/12/2001 Letter to confirm that the BAAQMD completed the initial review of the AFC

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213016/18/2001 Ambient Air Quality Modeling File, Topographic Mapsv- CD

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 DocketsSierra Research/Matthews
212546/29/2001 Document Handling

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212536/29/2001 Request for Agency Participation in the Expedited, Review of the Gilroy Energy Center AFC, Phase II

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 Agency Distribution List/DocketsCEC/Richins
211966/29/2001 Notice of Receipt

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211176/26/2001 Data Adequacy Recommendation

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 CEC DocketsCEC/Larson
210056/20/2001 Application to the BAAQMD Authority to Construct and Permit to Operate for the Gilroy Energy Center

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209286/15/2001 Application for Certification

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209056/15/2001 Application for Certification

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