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Docket: 01-AFC-06C
Project Title: Magnolia Power Project-Compliance
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635482/3/2012Notice of Decsion- Petition to Add an Industrial Elevator on the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (Electronic Copy)

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 CEC/ Docket UnitCEC/ C. Marxen
633731/13/2012Petition for Insignificant Project Change

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 CEC/J.DouglasMagnolia Power Project/R.Maxwell
620939/6/2011Letter from Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD)

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 CEC/ M. DyasHARD/ M. Jameson
4867910/20/2008Final Report Re Work to Modify Magnolia Power Project

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 CEC/ R. YasnyCity of Burbank/ T. Zartl
423069/14/2007Approval of Petition for Additional Safety Platforms, Stairs and Ladders

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 Galati Blek/ S. GalatiCEC/ R. Yasny
419458/17/2007Notice of Insignificant Project Change for additional safety platforms for the Magnolia Power Project

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 CEC/ Interested PartiesCEC/ R. Johnson
418628/9/2007Petition for Insignificant Project Change for Additional Safety Platforms.

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 CEC/ C. Meyer/ R. YasnyGalatiBlek/ S. Galati
348617/8/2005Audit team response.

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 Carl Haase/CEC/Docket UnitCEC/Marc Pryor
312894/20/2004Notice of Insignificant Project Change (Modifications to the Transmission System) for the Magnolia Power Plant Project

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 CEC/Docket UnitCEC/O'brien
3018110/17/2003Notice of Insignificant Project Change/Modification of Project Description

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 CEC CecCEC/O'brien
3018010/17/2003Establishment of Post-Certification Mailing List-POS

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 CEC CecCEC/Lewis
299979/4/2003Approval of Verification Changes VIS-1 and VIS-6

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 Blowey/Magnolia Power Plant Project/cec/docketsLewis/Cec