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Docket: 00-SPPE-02
Project Title: The Barge Powerplant - Rio Da Luz "River of Light"
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156699/6/2000 Resolution No. 714-00 - Resolution Opposing the Placement of a Floating Power Plant on San Francisco Bay

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 CEC/DocketCity And County Of San Francisco
155348/25/2000 City Council Resolution Number R-293560, Adopted July 25, 2000

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 Hon. Susan GoldingCEC/Mendonca
155238/16/2000 Comments on the Proposal by PG&E National Energy Group to Moor and Operate, on an Emergency Basis, a Barge Power Plan in San Francisco Bay

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 CEC/KeeseSan Francisco Bay Conservation And Development/Tra
155228/16/2000 Letter to inform that PG&E had decided not to bring the Rio Da Luz Power Plant to California for operation this summer.

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153948/9/2000 Public Comment 8/9/00 Business Meeting

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 CEC/CommissionersRobert F. Williams
153938/9/2000 Public Comment for the Record at CEC Business Meeting 8/9

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 Gary LedfordCEC/Mendonca
153928/9/2000 Agenda Item No. 6 - Stop the Rush to Judgement (Attachments)

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153897/28/2000 Summary of Energy Commission Staff Meeting With PG&E National Energy Group on Information Needs Regarding the Proposed Power Plant Barge.

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153888/2/2000 Letter of Opposition

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 CEC/JohnsonJulie Carroll/Mike Shea
153877/20/2000 PRESS RELEASE Dated July 20, 2000 - "Environmental Justice and Community Groups Call on Regulatory Agencies & Governor Davis to Sink PG&E Floating Power Plant Proposal as Barge Heads to San Francisco Bay"

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153867/20/2000 Key Concerns About the PG&E Floating Power Plant on a Barge

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153857/18/2000 MEETING NOTICE (July 20, 2000)

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 CEC/DocketSf Bay Conservation And Development Comm.
153847/18/2000 Staff Report and Recommendations on Comments to the CEC

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 CEC/Commissioners/altenatesSan Francisco Bay Conservation And Development Com
153837/27/2000 Response to July 11, 2000 Letter to Ms. Garvey Pertaining to the Proposed PG&E Generating Barge Project.

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151867/17/2000 Proposal to put a jet-fueled powerplant in San Francisco Bay

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 Baaqmd/GarveyLiteracy For Environmental Justice/Lanza
151067/17/2000 PG&E Proposed Power Plant on a Barge

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150957/14/2000 Letter for proposing to locate a barge equipped

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150947/14/2000 Proposed Emergency Response to the Electric Supply Problems in the San Francisco Bay Area

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