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Docket: 00-AFC-08
Project Title: MARTIN SUBSTATION PEAKING PROJECT Application for Certification (Calpine c* Power)
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TN #Docketed DateDocument TitleExhibit #ToFrom
3595910/10/2000 letter seeking approval for AFC

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 CEC/LarsonCALPINE/ Hepple
193313/26/2001 Notice of Availability of the Commission Decision on the AFC - Publication # P800-01-010

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 CEC/DocketsCEC Cec
180231/12/2001 Public Adviser's Status Reports 2000

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1671711/2/2000 Report of Conversation: With Bill Gavelis, PG&E RE: PG&E Martin Substation and Calpine's Proposal

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1671611/1/2000 Petition to Intervene

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1655311/1/2000 DTSC Review of CEC Siting Projects

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 Office Of Environmental Analysis/MoskatCEC/Kenndey
1655111/1/2000 Report of Conversation - Martin Substation Project concens

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1655011/1/2000 Response letter about compliance with state standards

2 page(s)
 CEC/TherkelsenDepartment Of Industrial Relation/Horowitz
1654911/1/2000 Report of Conversation - October 23, 2000 letter from Cal-OSHA

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1652810/27/2000 Application for Confidential Designation RE: Cultural Resources

2 page(s)
 CEC/LarsonCalpine C* Power/Hepple
1652510/30/2000 Data Adequacy Recommendation

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1651110/31/2000 Comments opposing Martain Substation Power Plant in Brisbane/Midway Village

1 page(s)
 CEC/KennedyPeople For Childen's Health & Environmental Justic
1649610/30/2000 Application for Confidentiality is Granted.

2 page(s)
 Calpine C* Power/HeppleCEC/Larson
1645910/27/2000 Response to Data Recommendation

86 page(s)
 CEC/LarsonCalpine C* Power/Hepple
1645110/24/2000 Petition to Intervene (Attachment: Certificate of Service)

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 CEC/DocketGruenich Resource Advocates/Tilton
1628510/24/2000 Data Adequacy Recommendation for Martin Substation Peaking Project

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1621210/16/2000 Notice of Receipt of the Application for Certification for the Martin Substation Peaking Project

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1610010/16/2000 AFC Transmittal Letter: Document Handling for the Martin Substation Peaking Project Application for Certification

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1609910/16/2000 AFC Transmittal Letter: Request for Agency Participation in the Review of the Martin Substation Peaking Project Application for Certification.

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 Agency Distribution ListCEC/Therkelsen
1599810/10/2000 Application for Confidential Designation

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 CEC/LarsonCalpine C* Power/Hepple
1599510/10/2000 Submittal of the Proposed Martin Substation Peaking Project

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 CEC/LarsonCalpine C* Power/Hepple